Varinder Singh The Biggest Fan of Babbu Maan

Fan of Babbu Maan
.Hi, My name is VARINDER SINGH, but my friends call me Maan Saab lol, Cause I am BABBU MAAN kattad fan .. I love to perform on world music winner’s songs. I am Punjabi guy, I love my mother tongue. I am video editor and I have good skills about animations. I created a lot of videos in 3d and Imax softwares. I startes my video work with windows movie maker, and slowly slowly I used Edius software, Avid liquid, pinnacle 17, Adobe after effects, and now I am Using top level 3D softwares. I have a perfect skills in Adobe Photoshop, Coral Draw, adobe premier video software. In these days, I have added a new skill of websites auditing, websites online SEO, websites Offline optimization. I have good skill for Social media optimization also. I can do anything what I want.